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[slide title=”The company”]Lucina Calzature is located in Urbisaglia (Macerata) and has been working in the footwear sector since 1975. The company has made a name for itself all over the world thanks to its long tradition of producing high quality footwear. The experience of both the company and of the owner, Anna Piergiacomi, is an immediate guarantee for the quality of the shoes, the upper shoes in particular. Anna Piergiacomi has gained important know-how in the industry not only from her hands-on experience but also thanks to her consulting work. She has consulted brands well-known throughout the world in the fashion industry. In 2001 Lucina Calzature had the idea for a project creating Roman footwear. Three years later the company launched its first collections which were all inspired by the history in Urbisaglia, which is home to one of the most important archeological sites of Roman civilization.[/slide]

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Ancient Romans used to walk much more than what we walk today. They could not help but wear comfortable and durable shoes to walk those distances.
Anna Piergiacomi started building a bridge between history and modern times creating the foundations to her new project thanks to the exciting new archeological findings in Urbisaglia.
With the help of professors and historians, she established her own working method in experimental archeology. This has allowed her to produce unique handcrafted products which are completely similar to the footwear of the ancient Romans in terms of shape, materials and techniques. Fashionable and attentive to the needs of the foot, the shoes can be worn by both women and men.


[slide title=”The Workshop”]
Lucina’s shoes are made from a single piece of leather (tanned naturally) which are then sewn on to a sole made of leather using a stitch in ancient Rome.
This technique guarantees the wellbeing and natural transpiration of the foot. Each step of the process is done using handcrafted methods: from the research of raw materials to the design and the actual production in the workshop in Urbisaglia.
As a matter of fact, all the shoes are made by hand, starting from the incisions of the shoe uppers. Each incision is made following a sketch without the use of machines.
The Lucina collections include seven classical models (Calcei, Caligae, Carbatina, Sandalia, Flip flop Sandalia, Solae and Ankle Boots). From season to season, new “musts” are added to both the women’s and men’s collections.
Our footwear is sold in a special packaging which has also been made inspired by the history of Rome. It’s made of a natural cotton cloth which is similar to the sack where slaves used to put their owners’ shoes.


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