Lucina’s workshop

Lucina researches, designs and makes her handcrafted shoes in Urbisaglia (MC) with high quality leathers. The leather is treated without the use of chemicals, and thanks to its high quality it has a natural capacity to adapt to any type of movement.
Almost all of the leathers that we use are tanned using natural methods.
The natural color of the leather darkens and acquires an amber honey color with light, while naturally dyed leathers tend to lighten over time.
Different shades of colors, small marks or imperfections in the leather are not in reality flaws but rather characteristics of the leather that has been worked naturally, proof that that the crafting process has been done without the use of any type of chemical.

Lucina Calzatura loves protecting feet from synthetic or chemical products normally used in mass production

[dropcap1]Handcrafted Footwear[/dropcap1]

Lucina Calzature shoes are made out of a single piece of leather , cut so that they take the form of your feet and then sewn on to the bottom piece made of leather. This technique allows the shoe to adapt to the shape of your feet, making it softer, more flexible and more comfortable.

The shoe adapts to your foot as a glove would, offering you the sensation of walking barefoot with the right amount of support and protection.



All of our shoes are protected in a sack made out of natural linen with a tag with “Lucina Calzature” engraved into it.

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